Not a Burger Stand

A restaurant in Burbank, CA. Every Tuesday, one of our artists draws something on our chalkboard.

We feature American comfort food influenced by Maryland and mid-Atlantic roots.

1221 Riverside Dr
Burbank, California 91506
Asker necruse Asks:
hey, question is not a burger stand a house? also I wish I lived in burback now :(
notaburgerstand notaburgerstand Said:

Not a Burger Stand is a restaurant with great food! Be sure so stop by if you’re ever in town. :)

And don’t forget… (by Kyle)

Kyle’s first chalkboard of the year: Mojo Jojo!





He came in just after I left, but he promised my boss he’d come back Friday to see me. I’ll post a photo if he does. 


The royal we.


Menus are done! Come on down to Not A Burger Stand!


Third and final pop culture kids’ menu for the cafe:

Baby Spock and Kirk


Part two of pop culture kids’ menus for the cafe:

Baby Thorin and Bilbo


First of the three pop culture kids menus done: 

Baby Han and Chewie


The week in review:

Been a long week, guys. Aunt passed away yesterday, and we had the whole family over here to be with her her final days. Meanwhile, at the cafe, I had to repaint a wall with a Magritte joke, then decoupage two smaller walls with cookbook pages (the lovely Melissa helped) and I still have to redo three menus by noon tomorrow so we have them by reopen Friday. But I’ve had my lil copilot for all of it so we got it done. Now to draw some kids menu coloring pages. And guess what. They’re Star Wars, Star Trek, and Hobbit themed! I’ll post em tonight once they’re all lined. Art to follow.